The White Star RPG Index

Space zombies
Twelve flavors of space zombie for White Star!

Cold Sleep in SF 
A system-neutral article I wrote with White Star and Savage Worlds in mind on cold sleep.

Quinlon Disruptor Tech
New weapons and gear for quinlons!

The Regency Campaign
A scroll of the setting I worked up for a White Star campaign that (alas) was put on hold after two sessions.

The Dark Star Articles

I've been running a series of posts on my White Star campaign titled (of course) Dark Stars. Here they all are:

Dark stars I: Devaron Murich Pilot
Meet a high level pilot in the Dark Stars universe!

Dark Stars II: The Void Lords
The vile foes of the commonwealth, fearful only of the star knights

Dark stars III: Netherspace Sector Survey Report 1
In which our intrepid heroes are press-ganged into a shady survey mission

Dark Stars IV: Netherspace Sector Map and Sellaris System
The Netherspace SE quadrant sector map and Sellaris, a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by cannick

Dark Stars V: Transitional Space
The rules and mishaps of traveling in T-Space

Dark Stars VI: Netherspace Sector Survey Report 2
In which our intrepid heroes encounter an even nastier post-apocalyptic world and a race of bat-men slavers

Dark Stars VII: Youganat, the Engineers
A gnomish race of technophiles

Dark Stars VIII: The Chilopteroid Menace
The vile life-draining vampire bat-men menace!

Dark Stars IX: Netherspace Sector Survey Report 3
In which our intrepid adventurers uncover another surveyor from another dimension, and it's guardian space unicorn

Dark Stars X: Netherspace Sector Survey Report 4
The one in which everything goes to hell in a handbasket. Plus space nazis!

Dark Stars XI: The Blight System
The post-apocalyptic world in which other-dimensional surveyors and space vampires have a keen interest

Dark Stars XII: New Germanica
The home system of a colony of aspiring space nazis. Plus zomborgs!

Dark Stars: XIII: Netherspace Sector Survey Report 5
In which our heroes get serious and survive an encounter with dark matter aliens, befriend a quinlon salvage crew, navigate a timespace anomaly, put a tiny bit of effort into helping out some doomed felinoids and finally locate an independent space port where they can get some proper repairs

Dark Stars XIV: Kedrak Prime
A doomed colomy world of felinoids.

Dark Stars XV: Netherspace Sector Survey Report 6
In which our heroes spend money and get into a big fight. Also, they uncover a major plot reveal.

Dark Stars XVI: Starprot Curiosity-796 and the Relic Moon
A bastion of the old human commonwealth and another dead world.

Dark Stars XVII: Netherspace Sector Survey Report 7
The end of Season One! Tesla Dane found? Nanovirus cured? Void Lords close in!

White Star: The Rest of Netherspace Sector
All the other locations in Netherspace that no one managed to visit in Season One (safely revealed since Season One ended with a timestream change and everyone likely going back to the 22nd century....meaning of course that the future is borked!!!!)

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