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The Fire Knives of Octzel
A medley of assassins and their guild in 13th Age.

The Lord of the North Sea Pirates
Two interesting 7th level NPCs from the Ages of Strife campaign in Lingusia

Localizing Icons in the 13th Age
Making Icons more "regional" figures for heroic level games.

Rats in the Walls for 13th Age
Stats and conversion notes for using this low level adventure for AS&SH with 13th Age

Here, to date, are the 13th Age articles to appear on Realms of Chirak:

Looking at the 13th Age - an overview of the game's basics

After Action Report I - the first overview of my ongoing 13th Age campaign

Mind Flayers in 13th Age - my first effort at statting up a D&D iconic 13th Age style

After Action Report II - in my ongoing campaign

After Action Report III - ongoing actual play report!

After Action Report IV - bitching about combat (although the problems went away later on)

After Action Report V - we all finally rally and start playing the game quickly

The Life Stealer - a potent magic weapon

Sytaria, the Blade of Malas - a vile NPC for use in an urban game

Mormo - a sample starter character that I just realized I forgot to "evolve" in another article to show how characters progress (my bad)

Baltorklani Apemen - a race of evolved primates

Kattachi Scorpion Men - monsters for 13th Age taken from Keepers of Lingusia

Tomb Guardians - another vile monster from Lingusia

The Rescue of Princess Fatana - a one session scenario I ran to introduce new players to 13th Age

Poisons - adding poisons into 13th Age

Seven New Magic Items - sprucing up your game with more weird magic

Alternate Rules Ideas - ability score damage and recalculating uses/day

Optional XP System - adding experience points to 13th Age

Guns in the 13th Age - adding firearms to the game

Flasks of the Nephilim - a write up of the first part of my ongoing campaign for 13th Age that the earlier actual play reports derive from (so read those and contrast with the module if you'd like to see how far my games deviate day-to-day from what my module planned for...)

Icons in the 13th Age
Discussing how to use them and why.

The Icons of Chirak
My adaptation of the Icons in the Realms of Chirak.

Duergar Dwarves in 13th Age
Dark dwarves for when you've gone too deep!

The Burning Man and Fire Nymph
New elemental and undead monsters for 13th Age.

Backgrounds in 13th Age
Some discussion about the problem of backgrounds being too specific or esoteric.

A Review of the 13th Age Bestiary

13 True Ways
An overview of the new book.

The Eladrin Knight of Thorns
A new foe for 13th Age from a recent game I ran.

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