Monday, November 8, 2021

The Temple of Set for Mythras

Okay, this is officially very cool: The Temple of Set, a new Mythras module for use with Classic Fantasy is out, and it's Egyptian themed! Love the cover, and the interior art is equally awesome, so far as I read through I really, really want to run this:

You can find it in PDF and POD on Drivethru here (link), or just go directly to The Design Mechanism and get it in PDF or through POD at Lulu (here). 

This is reinvigorating my interest in running Mythras. I had been working on campaign ideas earlier this year but my enormous workload prompted me to stick with easy to run stuff for a while, but time is freeing up again, so I think this module makes a great excuse to revisit what I can do with Mythras going into the Winter and 2022. 

Roll20 actually has a Mythras character sheet someone devised, which says it supports various setting books, including Classic Fantasy....I need to check this out. Although, ideally, I'd like to run it face-to-face my plan would be to start running this as soon as my Saturday group winds down on the ongoing Pathfinder 2E campaign, which has just hit level 7 and may be, depending on how much people want to do in terms of plot and exploration, about 5 sessions away from a suitable resolution (or 20 if they just want to keep going), so who knows. Maybe as a side-game on the Mothership night, to break up the grim space game with some old-world action and adventure for levity? Hmmmm.

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