Wednesday, February 12, 2020

TFT Decks of Destiny - More Versatile than just for TFT

A few weeks ago my Decks of Destiny mega boxed set arrived, a second monstrous package to add to my Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition boxed set from last year's Kickstarter. Decks of Destiny contains a lot of stuff.....if you're not familiar with it, here's the web site (here). Yes, a lot of stuff.

Well, the odds I'll run The Fantasy Trip anytime soon while Pathfinder 2nd Edition has a death grip on all of my gaming groups is slim to none, but I've already been using the Outdoor Encounter Cards for months with Pathfinder to spruce up overland travel, so why not some of the Decks of Destiny?

Decks of Destiny has content pretty specific to TFT: orc and octopus encounter cards (it's a TFT thing, trust me), character sheet cards for all sorts of stuff, an excellent monster deck, and lots of hex encounters. There are also some square sized card decks for treasures and rumors. Of this content, you can get the most use out of the following:

Hex Cards and more Mega Hex Tiles- the hex cards let you build labyrinths easily, and moving to a hex based map for Pathfinder is trivial (and even solves some incongruity with grid movement), and the mega hexes work great with Pathfinder figure flats or minis.

Treasure Cards - the two treasure card decks provide plenty of easily converted content to Pathfinder 2nd edition, and add a lot of new stuff to help flesh out the slightly sparse treasures in the Pathfinder 2E Core book. I've been using them on the fly with no issues.

Rumor Cards - aside from occasional references to the default TFT setting, these rumor cards may prove very handy in generating random and exotic rumors you can use as is, or assume are filthy lies.

Okay, all that aside, most of the Decks of Destiny work best with The Fantasy Trip, and it honestly really, really makes me want to run TFT just as soon as I can convince my regulars to let even one of our ongoing game nights switch to a different system. Until then, I can at least get some use out of the set with ongoing games!

Side note....Hey Paizo, you should do some products like this for Pathfinder! The recent card decks you have produced (and the upcoming Bestiary Cards) are awesome....but treasure decks, encounter decks and other cool GM resources would be amazing.

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