Friday, January 3, 2020

Deathbat's 2020 Predictions!

Here we go: my predictions for 2020. I'll make a single list this time, on the top ten things I want to suggest will happen this year:

10. Wizards of the Coast will announce a "Player's Handbook 2"

It might not be called PH2, but I think we're due for one of these, especially now that Eberron is in the mix. If they don't produce a PH2, then I will fall to my backup pediction: a Spelljammer sourcebook.

9. Paizo will announce playtesting on a 2nd edition of Starfinder

Starfinder is a PF1.5 system, and it shows. It has more in common with the new Pathfinder 2E, but enough left overs from PF1E to make compatibility an issue. Now that they've refined their key design with PF2E, Starfinder could really benefit from such an update. I expect I'll be wrong on this, but my secondary prediction is: a more comprehensive PF2E to Starfinder conversion document will be released at some point.

8. Playstation 5 will be the early contender for Console Winner

This prediction is based on the fact that Xbox and Microsoft appear to be moving toward a focus on "any device will play our games," which dilutes their exlusive content, and their Xbox consoles seem to be focused on being more digital than ever, with a big push toward the Xbox Live services and games on demand. There's a market for this, but I think when it comes to consoles that exclusives can really count, ad Nintendo and Sony are well aware. If I can play Gears of Wars and Halo titles on PC, why do I need an Xbox? Answer: I don't.

7. We still won't see a BRP book or Mythic Iceland in 2020

I think Chaosium's current crew is just not interested in BRP as a brand in the way the older fans think of it, and as such I think they are shifting focus to new IPs such as Rivers of London and that RPG about kitsune. Will this work for them? Time will tell, but it's probably not a bad idea to branch out and experiment a bit in this era of RPGs.

6. D101 Games Will Produce OpenQuest 3rd Edition

OpenQuest 3rd Edition was in the works last year according to Newt Newport's posts, and while it didn't come out (that I am aware of), I have high hopes we will see the 10th anniversary edition show up this year. I sincerely hope it arrives; I consider OpenQuest and Mythras the "heart of BRP" now that Chaosium has realigned its focus with a more setting-specific style of game approach.

5. New Flying Buffalo product in 2020

With the tragic loss of Rick Loomis it looks like Steve Crompton and co. are stepping up to take over, and I am very hopeful they will carry the torch for FLying Buffalo. I expect (hope) to see some new stuff this year as a result, maybe even a Kickstarter or two. Fingers crossed!

4. A Real SF RPG Based on D20/5th Edition

The market is rife with experiments right now, but what we need is either WotC or a proper licensed 3rd party to step up to plate and dominate this sector with a fully functional, properly realized SF RPG powered by the 5th edition sytem. It can happen! Someone prove me right here.

3. A New (possibly Kickstarted) Edition of GURPS in some form

I don't actually believe this will happen; think of this more as wishful thinking. But hear me out: SJGames has seen that there's enough niche interest in GURPS to support Dungeon Fantasy RPG. They've gotten quite good at Kickstarters. Their site shows both Campaigns and Characters books for 4E going out of stock. Maybe its because they plan to do a Kickstarted revamp sometime soon? Hey, it could happen!

2. That Aliens video game will get announced for next gen consoles

I bet we will actually, finally hear about an actual Alien video game, pitched as a possible sequel of sorts to Isolation, for a 2020 or 2021 release date on the next gen consoles. Gotta happen this time!

1. Switch Pro Announced in 2020

Nintendo moves to its own beat, but I bet they will finally announce the hinted/teased existence of the planned Switch Pro edition next year, though it may only be an announcement with a 2021 release date. We shall see!

Bonus: FAR FETCHED PREDICTION: WotC announces a 5.5 rerelease of D&D core books, or announces plans for 6th edition to release in 2021.

I don't think it will happen, but with 5E now hitting 7 years its getting around the time these sorts of things happen. WotC could in theory release updated editions with minor revisions that remain fully backwards compatible; that would be smart and cool; but I think 2020 is the earliest we could start making these sorts of predictions and have any degree of potential success. We shall see!


  1. Are you familiar with Esper Genesis? It's a 5e space... Pretty nice and good quality

    1. I know it exists but can't find a place that Carrie's it (in print) or has it in vision/prediction is for support that could let me easily find a copy, I guess, without having to go through obscure POD or pdf channels that average gamers don't know about.

  2. I hope you're right on the GURPS prediction. I'd love to see SJG shake the stick out of its butt and have some fun with that RPG.

    1. I agree. GURPS badly needs a consolidation of rules and a more newbie-friendly edition. Having to go through the rules and cross off all the skills and advantages that don't go in your campaign has scared off many a prospective GM.

  3. I'd say Esper Genesis is 5E sci fi, and it is available on Amazon.

    1. I'll check! Last time I checked Amazon showed it out of print.