Monday, October 7, 2019

Can't...Stop.....Pathfinder 2Eing....

Brief post! More to come. Pathfinder 2E is the dominant game at all my tables now. It's just so....easy, and fun, even as I analyze the heck out of certain design choices, it's still inescapably a surprisingly playable and tactically interesting game.

Will I ever get back to Cypher System (of which the revised core is in my hands now), Savage Worlds (Adventurer's Edition is in the mail at last), or D&D 5E? Yes, eventually....but it is very clear that the Pathfinder 2nd edition phenomenon must be allowed to play itself out. Ultimately I blame Paizo for making the game so damned interesting and fun to play....

Hell, I don't want to stop playing it. I just want more time in my life to play other games along with it. with the time you have not the time you want! So for the moment, Pathfinder 2nd Edition is where it's at.

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