Saturday, October 27, 2018

Quiet, but things slowly going on...

I've been relaxing a bit from the old standard I once held of 3 posts a week. I'd like to get back to that --discipline is good!-- but I actually have too many demands and too much discipline in my life right now so letting the blog slip a bit from the routine has been okay in my book.

That said, my ongoing games, which include two homebrew Cypher System settings, intermittent Starfinder and a new D&D 5E campaign have been generating content....just nothing I want to post (yet) until it's played its purpose in the ongoing campaigns.

One thing I admit I've done a lot less of this year is buy new game systems (and then spend time reading those systems and distracting myself). Despite this, I did get the new Alternity and have been reading up on it....also Modern AGE (which is an interesting system that looks anemic compared to it's Fantasy AGE predecessor or....say...Cypher System), and some other odds and ends like Numenera's 2nd edition, the Unity RPG and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition (which I am told is shipping now, at long last).

So yeah, maybe I'm doing better from a certain point of view, but still buying too many systems given how little time I have these days to absorb or run them!

Anyway, I've been running a lot of Cypher Supers and plan on posting more heroes and villains from that campaign soon. Also, a talk about the interesting potential in the new Alternity....

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