Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stuff: Rob Conley's Thumbs up to D&D 5E and OSR Today

Hats off to Tenkar for scooping the existence of OSR Today, a news site collecting all things onerous task when you consider that there's a lot of OSR spread out over a few hundred blogs and a few dozen retroclones (never mind the non-D&D-likes!)

One of the articles on OSR Today was a link to Rob Conley's actual play report of D&D 5E from Origins. The TL:DR* version is: it felt just like any other edition of D&D pre-3E and could as easily have been C&C or Blood & Treasure. I don't know about you, but on my dart board of OSR captains Rob is very close to the center, so I'll take his endorsement as a clear suggestion that 5E may well bridge a gap between D&D now and D&D then....though I also am sure the D&D 4E fans will continue to be agitated...Well, you know what they say about how you can please some people all the time or all people some of the time.....

Anyway, check the actual play report and OSR Today out, cool stuff.

*For true grognards who might labor over this and not immediately consider springing to google for answers (for example such as my uncle), it means "too long; didn't read." However a true grognard definitely read the whole thing carefully, perhaps in a printed copy, identified and marked the pedantic inconsistencies, filed a full commentary and then presented a follow up or rebuttal in the next print copy of his or her fanzine, next to the article on just what a travesty it is that we're not seeing more hoopla about the 199th anniversary of Waterloo. =)

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