Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion and Super Powers Companion 2nd Edition in Print

Over the weekend my hard cover deluxe copies of both the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion and the Super Powers Companion (2nd edition) arrived. Some of you may recall that I was pretty impressed with the SF Companion in PDF format, and I spent all of February writing up stuff for it (compilation here). Well, the books are both gorgeous, and I'm now thinking about new stuff I can do with both the SF Companion and the Super Powers Companion, which by the way is a lot closer to my vision of what I'd like Mutants & Masterminds to look like....a slim, digestible, to-the-point compilation of all things four color --not that comics are four color anymore; bonus points if you are reading this and have no idea what the term means without googling it!

Anyway, so I know I said I'd get around to focusing on the ten or so games on my list a week or so ago....but I gotta follow my muse if you will, and right now that's telling me I'm not done with my Savage Space setting.....or the percolating supers setting I am now thinking about (thanks to a recent overload reading the Bendis-written New Avengers run)...

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