Sunday, June 8, 2014

Runequest 6 free basic rules

Well this surprised me....Design Mechanism now has a free lite version of the Runequest 6 rules right here. Interesting....I sense an ongoing trend.....

Some points about this Basic free version of Runequest worth noting:

1. this is a full featured game. You get everything you need to run Runequest, for free, for a very long time.

2. This version has theism and folk magic, so other options such as sorcery are reserved in the main rules.

3. it's gorgeously illustrated. I suspect if they offered a POD version it would sell well.

4. It still uses that font that makes the damned book painful for me to read due to what I assume is some exotic mental/visual glitch in my brain (the damned curliques around the "sp," "st" and elsewhere make reading this font very annoying for some reason).

Check it out! The price is right...

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