Friday, June 27, 2014

Nether Day Two

I did not get much time last night to play Nether, but I did log on for a bit on a mid-pop server. Turns out I only have one character at a time going, or if there's a way to start a new one and park an old one I couldn't figure it out (magic eight ball tells me if there is a way to get another character slot it probably is in the cash shop, will have to look). So I picked a 20-odd pop server and wandered around.

I actually did run into other players twice. One when I was looting what seemed like a lot of great stuff, when a very tough looking dude in a gas mask with a rifle appeared behind me and I ran like a rabbit.....he could have been there to give me a ham sandwich and a promise of safety but I wouldn't know, the stories on the forums had me convinced I'd wandered into a trap where someone staked out a lucrative drop point and was ready for murder. I escaped, so I suspect he wasn't out to get me.

Second was in a safe zone. I guess you can't murder people in safe zones, but a few people were standing around, presumably shopping.

During all this sneaking around, it occurred to me that I had no idea how to talk to people. Not even sure if there's a chat window to bring up. Will have to review their wiki. If there is no talk, that will lend to the notion that violence is the key language of Nether.

So......while I've still got lots of time to get ganked, so far the forum hype isn't quite living up to the actual play reality. Yet.

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