Monday, June 9, 2014

How to make enemies of the local major wizard - a Magic World fable

My Magic World game on Saturdays was a hoot. The players had wrapped up the previous scenario and were spending some time purchasing goods in anticipation of their extended road trip plans, escorting a Vumaskan merchant to his home in Kordala, a lengthier journey than it needs to be since the vumaskan in question owes the harbormaster a princely sum and he is barred from access to the docks on pain of he's going to hoof it to the freeport of Vespas to the south and then hire river transport from there. Yes, this is all in the Pergerron setting I've been sticking a lot of content about in my blogs recently.

Anyway, one of the stalwart adventurers, a city elf spellblade by trade with a keen interest in all things necromantic sought out a local scholar or mage who could help divine the secrets of her recently acquired evil-looking (and behaving) gems, the Eyes of Hox Nagor. This, as they say, ended up being a very enjoyable "plot derailment" moment in which the PCs charged off to aid her in what started as a "find the wizard and see if he can identify these" into a "help the wizard find his stolen book and missing apprentice, who may have run off with a local floozy or possibly a rival wizard." Evil bat-men, a tunnel to the underworld, the discovery of a dying apprentice who was then "parted out" by said necromantophile, a haunted cat said to be possessed by something which self-identified as a passion spirit (hint: it's much more than that) which taught them some magic in exchange for freedom of movement letting the spirit take control of the earlier aforementioned floozy....a displeased mage learning of the "parting out" of his former apprentice....a golem in the mix, sudden fire at the mage's house, stolen horses and a quick escape later and we had a full evening's entertainment. Yikes!

We left off with the adventurers following a spirit-possessed prostitute on stolen horses heading to the ancient haunted Hill of Giants, where they can find the landmark that marks the trail that leads to the ancient, evil hut of the legendary Lich Aruman.Because y'know, things happen.

It was a crazy evening.

I'm really starting to love my new setting, and Magic World is proving to be a stellar system for the unique flavor I wanted to achieve in Pergerron. I could (and would) use Runequest 6 for this world as well, and may do so in the future, limiting only theistic magic which has no place interestingly in Pergerron's weird cosmology, where all magic comes from one source. Whether the caster wants to think the power comes from the gods or not is entirely up to him...

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