Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good News Everyone! Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls is looking good

Rick Loomis released a beta test version of the Deluxe T&T rules to backers today. If you're a backer check your email. I'll say this:

1. What's released so far is formatted and in layout with art and looks very clean and orderly.

2. It's already got 105 pages done but the page count says it should be 178 pages long plus a 16 page quickstart in the back ("short form rules")

3. I like what they did with talents in this iteration, it's a smart and not overly "baby with the bathwater" way to deal with it.

4. The art in the beta is awesome.

5. This looks like a version of T&T I really want to play. Like, yesterday. Right now. Damnit!

Since they still have the spell lists and other stuff yet to go, I'm guessing we'll probably not see this in time for August GenCon but maybe we'll see it before the D&D 5E DMG releases in November.


  1. It's a testimony to Liz Danforth that art from the late 1970s can basically be reprinted as is.

    1. I know the D&D side of the OSR likes to gush over Erol Otus, but I think T&T fans have it a bit better with Liz. (Also, Jim Peters and Steve Crompton!)

  2. Also, the new combat flow chart is one of my favorite ever.

    1. Yeah I really liked that....clean and efficient teaching tool, reminded me very much of Steve's works from the Grimtooth days.

      Going to do a full on DT&T campaign when this one is released!

  3. My own review is here:

    I can see we've both been struck by the clean art & layout and by how close this looks to a final product!