Fantasy AGE Resources

Creatures and Races:

A PC racial option with a Moorcockian element to them

Selutar Lizard Men
Brutal and prolific villains

The Ghuls of Camrinal
half-dead descendants and survivors of lost Camrinal

The Naga of Sarvaelen
Aquatic serpent men from the world of Sarvaelen

Feyril, Spawn of the Goddess Matrigias
Sarvaelen's vile redcaps, driven to murder by laughter


A 10th Level Fighter
Pelayo from the combat playtest advanced to level 10.

A Level 1 Mage
Malistra the Orc Mage

System Articles:

A Capsule Review of Fantasy AGE
The basics of what it's all about.

Rolling up a Level 1 Warrior
A walk through character generation.

Pelayo the Warrior vs. and Orc
A walk through combat in FAGE

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