Enzada Index

All the pages so far on the World of Enzada, a realm of non-western fantasy flavor for D&D 5E and Pathfinder:

Enzada I: Introduction

Enzada II: The Cosmos and Planes

The Netherim of Enzada
A playable PC race

Selindar, the Free Cities
Overview of the main kingdom of the setting

Huldreth, the Cursed City
The cursed city and its history

Languages of Enzada
Use these languages to help emphasize the world's diversity

Caste Ranks in the Hub of Etyri Region
Everyone needs to know their rank in Selindari society!

Adventure: Theft of the Sacred Soul
The very first adventure I ran in Enzada, using Pathfinder

Location: The Sunken Temple of Vorkath
One of the "mini adventures" I keep handy to fill out areas

Spell Points in Pathfinder (as devised for Enzada)

Tales of Enzada: The Etroniak Ocean and the Hamalapi Isles
A gazetteer of this remote region

The Curse of Emparas
A scenario in Enzada

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