Call of Cthulhu Resource Page

I haven't posted many Call of Cthulhu articles on the blog, but that is likely to change. For now, here's everything so far:

The Weird Oregon Campaign
An overview of my ongoing Weird Pacific Coast adventures

Magic World and Dark Ages Cthulhu
A discussion of how I blended the two

Blackbeard's Black Plan
Although I ran this with Savage Worlds, it is 100% Cthulhu in the Caribbean during the age of piracy and in the future I will use CoC 7E as the rule system of choice.

Running CoC 7th Edition
My discussion of how great the new 7E CoC is

The Strange Edifices of Daryl Horn
The first CoC 7E campaign I ran; written originally for 6E in 2015 but ran over eight or so sessions during Fall 2016. One of the surviving investigators is still surviving in the current campaign!

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