Ages of Lingusia Index

I'll provide a permanent link to this post, and collect links to each Warlords Era article as I put them up.

First up, the new Golmadras Articles (and one older scenario set in the region):

Advanced Warlords of Lingusia: Golmadras

A gazetteer and map of Golmadras

The Fearsome Four

Four NPC Adventurers in Golmadras

The Lair of Gug and the Lost Shrine of Degalthor

A C&C statted dungeon adventure set in western Golmadras

Of Additional Interest for the Warlords Era Campaign (from what has come before):

Senempar, City of Shadows

The northern Hyrkanian City-State of Men and Monsters

Orcs of Lingusia

Playing orcs (Pathfinder stats) in the Warlords Era

The Dream Temple of Skaeddrath'Akall

A weird multiplanar temple in the Warlords Era

Origin of the Endreti Trolls of LIngusia

The strangest secrets of Lingusia's trolls

Zaidan's Blight

A plot seed I never finished in the region of Halale Woods, Octzel

An Explanation of the Many Ages of Lingusia

Buried here in this post

Lingusian Social Ranks

Although intended for the "Ages/Empire" Era this article works for the Warlords era as well.


This material constitutes a complete campaign set in a specific time period of Lingusia (1,950-1,960 aw) about 1,500 years before the current content in the Warlords era. All of this material is fairly system neutral, but any stats are aimed squarely at 4th edition (with some exceptions). The links in order for this "timeline" campaign are as follows:

Introduction to Ages of Lingusia: The Empire Era

Maps of Octzel and part of the Middle Kingdoms in the Empire Era

(I thought I had posted more maps than that. Hmmmmm.)

Gazetteer of the Empire Era

The City of Kymir

The Heartland of Octzel

Guilds, Cults and Societies

Languages of Lingusia

Kindred of the Empire Era

Dwarves in the Empire Era

Elves of the Empire Era

Fey Kindred

Lawful Kindred

Neutral Kindred

Chaos Kindred


Orcs in the Empire Era

Werebloods and Planar Races

Amazons of the Empire Era

Serpent Men and Naga


Mishrag and Other Minotaurs

Trolls of Lingusia


Monstrous Kindred of Lingusia

Gods and Myths in the Empire Era

Overview of the Empire Era Deities and Pantheons

Gods of the Middle Kingdoms I

Gods of the Middle Kingdoms II

The Elvish and Dwarvish Gods

The Dragon Gods

The Eastern Gods

The Amechian Gods

Chaos Gods of Lingusia

The Death Gods (a very popular article)

Dead and Forgotten Gods

Lingusian Social Ranks

The Planar Realms of Lingusia

Villains of the Empire Era

Heroes of the Empire Era

Campaign Ideas

Scenarios and Plot Seeds

The Caves of Chaos Level 4

The Caves of Chaos Level 3

The Caves of Chaos Level 2

The Caves of Chaos Level 1

Swords & Wizardry / OSR Rules for Ages of Lingusia

S&W Adaptation Article II: Lawful Kindred

S&W Adaptation III: Chaos Kindred

S&W Adaptation IV: Neutral Kindred

S&W Adaptation V: New Combat Rules

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