Monday, June 12, 2017

The Super Cool, Super Cute Pocket Editions of Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide and Advanced Player's Guide

Last time I talked about this, the Pathfinder Core Rules and Bestiary 1 had been released as incredibly convenient soft-cover pocket editions, about half the size of the originals, but with the exact same format, content and everything....just shrunk down in a portable package. Since then, the Advanced Player's Guide and Gamemastery Guide have arrived in ultra cute pocket format. I sincerely hope these are popular enough to see still more Pathfinder hard covers reduced to portable digest formats....I want the entire series in this style, even if I never do get around to playing the game again (that said, I feel a real desire to field test these babies....!)

One thing that happened between last year and this year was I went to a new opthamalogist, who updated my contact lenses with a much more accurate prescription. The prior year my former doctor (who since retired) believed, I think, in the idea of stressing the eyes a bit to force them to focus. The new doctor, may she rule in awesomeness, seemed more interested in giving me lenses that let me do basic life functions like "see" and "read."

As a result, the value of these portable tomes skyrocketed. I have zero issues reading these books now with my semi-naked be-contacted eyes where before I needed to break out a pair of reading glasses and squint a bit. The readability is just fine (so long as your eyes can handle it) and the fact that I can now port around twice the rules for half the weight makes the future of Pathfinder as a viable system for me to run that much more a reality. Yes, PDFs exist, but I am speaking to the crowd that needs physical books to properly enjoy a gaming know who you are. back to reacquainting myself with two venerable Pathfinder tomes, now with 50% of the paper and gloss!

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