Friday, June 30, 2017

D&D 5E: Cretean Elder War Mage

Only a few elder war mages exist in Cretea, and they are powerful influences behind the scenes.

All of these stat blocks reflect the original design (for my Lingusia campaign) but I readily retooled these with a few modifications for units in other campaigns....I have derived, for example, Selindar units from these for Enzada with judicious replacement of equipment and some minor skill/power set tweaks. 

Cretean Elder War Mage
(Level 15 Evoker)
CR 11 (7,200 XP)
LN medium humanoid (human)
Initiative +1
AC 11 (robes) or 14 (mage armor)
HP 52 (15D6)
Speed 30 feet
Melee Attack dagger +7 attack (reach 5 ft, one target) 1D4+2 piercing damage.
Ranged Attack Fire Bolt +10 attack (ranged 120, one target) 3D10+5 fire damage.
STR 11 (0), DEX 13 (+1), CON 10 (0), INT 20 (+5), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 14 (+2)
Saves: INT +11, WIS +9
Languages: Cretean, Eastron, Middle Tongue, Old Tongue
Senses: Passive Perception 18
Skills: Arcana +10, Perception +8
Spell Save DC: 18
Spell Attack +10
Cantrips: blade ward, fire bolt, light, mending, true strike
1st Level Spells: Alarm, Expeditious Retreat, Mage Armor, Magic Missile
2nd Level Spells: Cloud of Daggers, Darkvision, Invisibility
3rd Level Spells: Fear, Fireball, Stinking Cloud
4th Level Spells: Arcane eye, Dimension Door, Fire Shield
5th Level Spells: Cloudkill, Wall of force
6th Level Spells: Globe of Invulnerability, True Seeing
7th Level Spells: Delayed Blast Fireball, Prismatic Spray
8th Level Spells: Meteor Swarm
Gear – Dagger +2, robes, Circlet of Blasting, Cloak of Protection +1, Ring of Fire Resistance


The elder war mages of Cretea are terrifying foes, ancient agents said to contain a direct lineage to the blood of the sun god Helios and so are excellent evokers. As the crème of the crop of battle mages, the few elder war mages rule their secretive orders and work behind the scenes with their network of spies to foment and embroil the city states in their secretive conflicts with one another.

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