Friday, June 16, 2017

D&D 5E: Cretean Veteran Spatha Units

Cretean Veteran Soldier
Standard Spatha Units
(Level 6 Champion Fighter)
CR 3 (700 XP)
LN medium humanoid (human)
Initiative +2
AC 19 (splint mail and shield)
HP 51 (6D10+18)
Speed 30 feet
Multiattack – the veteran may make two melee or two ranged attacks each round.
Melee Attack long sword +8 attack (reach 5 ft, one target) 1D8+4 damage and critical on a 19-20.
Ranged Attack long bow +8 attack (range 150/600, one target) 1D8+2 damage and critical on a 19-20.
STR 18 (+4), DEX 14 (+2), CON 16 (+3),
INT 10 (0), WIS 11 (0), CHA 13 (+1)
Saves: STR +7, CON +6
Languages: Cretean, Eastron or Middle Tongue
Senses: Passive Perception 13
Skills: Athletics +10, Perception +3
Second Wind – regain 1D10+6 hit points once/battle.
Action Surge- the veteran may gain one extra action once per combat.
Archer – gain +2 to attack rolls with ranged weapons.

Gear – long sword, long bow, 20 arrows, quiver, splint mail, shield.
Veteran Cretean soldiers are usually in elite positions of authority, leading the common troops on the frontline. They have placed aside their experience with the spear to take up the Cretean spatha, a long sword reserved for officers and nobility. Most veterans have survived many major conflicts and become more the wiser for the experience, but not all veterans gain rank and authority; some remain content to be grunts in the frontlines right up to their day of death or (unlikely) retirement.

Veterans are usually given bow training as well with the Hyrkanian long bow, which was adopted a little over a century ago as a weapon of elite soldiers and nobility. They still drill with the spear however, as a way to bond with the front line soldiers they fight beside.

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