Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You know what? Pathfinder Online may have a chance...

I've previously harped a bit on Pathfinder Online's likelihood of success. As a MMO sandbox game with a couple mil to development and a modest design team, it didn't look to me a year ago like it stood much of a chance.

But you know what? I kind of think it does now.

There's some details about it here on Massively, and a video of recent footage is out and about now:

Now, the graphics here aren't all that exciting, but they are competent. The game looks a bit better than other known Unity Engine RPGs like Ravensword: Shadowlands (which I am playing and enjoy the Ouya version of). On my first view it drew an unhealthy comparison to Dungeon Lords (if you've ever played that game you'll know what I mean...also, I'm so very very sorry for you). The character animations need work; the graphics I can accept, they look good enough, but realistic motion these days is almost a necessity, and I can't imagine there aren't developer resources out there that have mocap packages they can buy, or something....anything. Right now it has a very Vanguard sort of feel to it, something I think is tripping off alarms in those who watch this and cringe.

The thing is, when Pathfinder Online was announced it sounded (to me) very pie in the sky. But a year later this sort of game is rapidly becoming the norm, if Steam's calvacade of indie survival games is anything to go by. I think Pathfinder Online is not actually even remotely in the genre of World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls's going to be sitting next to Rust, DazyZ and other survival/crafting group games that are springing up like flies on the triple A carcass of the gaming industry.

This sort of thing is great for the generation that loves this stuff. Personally it just means I have more free time and money to engage with other hobbies, because I really can't get into the competitive pvp-meets-crafting genre, but I really think Pathfinder Online has a chance to swing in and take the crown on this one...not to mention, its got the fantasy genre locked down here, since most crafting/competition pvp games are either very abstract or set in some sort of zombie or monster apocalypse.


  1. After listening to an unhealthy amount of interviews and pre-reviews of the game it sounds too similar to EVE. MMOs are already a time suck, we don't need more EVE clones out there.

    1. I've been kind of worried about that....with Dancey's connection to Eve, the temptation to reposition PO as a "Eve for fantasy" is about what I've been expecting it to end up being. Not my cup of tea either.

    2. I think it was an interview with the Gamerstable podcast that he actually said that was their intent. Having a hard time remembering as that was over a year ago that I last listened to him saying that.

  2. "springing up like flies on the triple A carcass of the gaming industry."

    such a great line.