Monday, March 19, 2012

Skyrim vs. Dark Souls, or, "I tried Dark Souls once, until I took an Arrow to the Knee..."

There's an amusing article here comparing the storytelling between the two. It's a good article in the sense that it tells me two key things:

1. I am not really playing Skyrim the way this guy does, because I like reading all the books and see them not as stopping the game but as demonstrating that Skyrim is just a bit more than a game. Also, the names mean a lot to me, and like Dragon Age and Fallout I can tell that with time Skyrim will get progressively more engrained in my psyche as a "place" worth visiting and knowing much about.

2. I should give Dark Souls one more try, because apparently if you can learn to take the game's continuous abuse from abyssmally difficult respawning foes who unrelentingly depants you and rape your corpse then apparently there's a story to be had in there somewhere. A story I'd like to see, if only the damned game would let me.

Anyway, interesting article, and the commentary that follows is all over the board. I have to admit, I deeply wish I was one of those people who could say, "let me tell you about the amazing, deep story of Dark Souls and how it slowly revealed itself to me like an inscruitable onion." But all I can do is marvel that anyone got past those goddamned undead in the beginning of the second act, because I had to stop playing before I damaged my controller, Xbox, TV or wall. So far I've resisted the intense desire to simply sell the far. We'll see. The Silent Hill HD collection comes out Silent Hill, that's the sort of video game abuse I can take!

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