Friday, July 27, 2018

Gamma World 4th Edition Print Quality Review

I'm back! After a prolonged absence I (and the family) have returned from a combination vacation and work event, in which we took off to Portland and then Long Beach, Washington for a few days, and then returned to Portland where my wife and son enjoyed the Zoo and other attractions while I attended a conference. Anyway.....

On returning from our trip I found lots of goodies waiting, including the print edition of Gamma World 4th edition, the version of Gamma World which was released in conjunction with AD&D 2nd Edition. This edition eschewed the mechanical changes of prior editions, which in 3rd edition aimed for percentile stats and colorful charts to resolve actions, and in 1st and 2nd edition was a bit more like a strange spin off of D&D in terms of mechanics. 4th Edition got back to this idea, aiming for something that definitely felt inspired by the design direction of AD&D 2nd edition.

Anyway, the good news is that this POD edition is quite readable, and the copy from scan is very clean and easy to read. I've had some bad luck lately with old scans, most notably with the blurry and unpleasant to look at D&D Rules Encyclopedia, but Gamma World 4th is far superior in appearance and shows no bleed through, as well as good, crisp print.

Anyway, if you're on the fence about a copy, I think this one's a safe bet!

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