Monday, March 31, 2014

Starting Tomorrow....a month of....Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons!

Continuing my thematic madness I am going to spend April focusing on the classic Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons sets, with a nod to the D&D Rules Cyclopedia as well, all back in electronic format over at

I've published some stuff on the blog for B/X D&D before, but this new focus will be aimed at fleshing out a new setting specifically with the B/X D&D themes and designs in mind, and it will lean on the Otus-cover original editions and the Rules Cyclopedia heavily, although everything should be equally compatible with the other later iterations of the game, including Labyrinth Lord (which I may also reference). I'll also use the Creature Catalog quite a bit, it's a great resource (and also available at the website).

So: the goal....30 days of new content, ideas, adventures, monsters, magic items and optional rules ideas for Basic/Expert D&D. The reality: I'll make it happen, somehow....!


  1. Sweet! Honestly, you had me hooked when you posted that image. :)

    1. Yes...that image is so iconic for me, on the very first adventure I ran everyone rolled up a character based on one of the heroes in that picture. In my Lingusia campaign we had (left to right) Gimli (hey we were all 10), Phyxillus, Gilrad, Warenis (well, he was called Wiziz by the original player and later turned into a more important NPC after retirement, at which time I did a name retcon).

    2. Not pictured there, but based on one of the other Basic edition pics: Wormie the thief, my sister's long-time character and lone survivor of many an expedition (he did die in the Secret of Bone Hill, but was subsequently resurrected).