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Star Wars Battlefront II C
Final assessment along with CoD WWII: solid gameplay ruined by a crappy loot crate progression system and some iffy maps.

Call of Duty World War II B
Final verdict: the multiplayer and zombie modes are improved and back to form. The single player campaign is more of the same but somehow even worse and more tiring than ever before.

Conarium A+
A Lovecraft adventure tale worth playing.

Steam Sale Micro Reviews Part II
Four more games I sometimes regret buying

Steam Sale Micro Reviews Part I
Six odd games I grabbed on the Winter Steam Sale

Revisiting Neverwinter Online
A return to this D&D-based game which I should note I stopped playing a month or two after writing this (and I'm still playing TESO, go figure)

Layers of Fear A
A creepy story about a painter and some tragedy...

Doom A-
This still is a great game I loathe...I just ain't a Doom guy I guess

The Division A+
Apparently I never did a proper full review, but my original still stands....I love this game, still playing it, stands out among all of my 2016 acquisitions

Star Wars: Battlefront A+++
Wow did this really come out in 2015? I'm still playing this game at least once a week an am working on an entirely new level up on the PS4

Sword Coast Legends D-
D&D gets an isometric downgrade into mediocrity

Steam Summer Sale Reviews III
Ark, Interstellar Marines and Life is Strange

Steam Summer Sale Reviews II
Toxxik, The Long Dark, Monstrum and Savage Lands

Steam Summer Sale Reviews I
Sundry zombie survival games test my mettle as a gamer

The Order: 1886
Fascinating newspaper reading simulator in steampunk London. Also, some GoW cover shooting

The Top Five Video Games for 2014
The Last of Us, Destiny, Shadowrun Returns, Elder Scrolls Online and Marvel Heroes 2015.

Lifeless Planet B+
Not so lifeless if you like platform jumping....heyoooo! Naw I liked it. PC version review.

Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4 version) B+
It took a long time to get in the right mood but once there it was nonstop Nazi 'sploding fun.

Sundry FPS Reviews for the PS4 in one post:

Destiny: The Taken King A
Destiny kept improving with every expansion.

Call of Duty Black Ops III A
The best of the last five years or so of CoD games.

Halo 5 Guardians B
An intriguing continuation, but lack of split-screen was a major disappointment

Fallout 4 A+ (but I now revise to a B+)
When I wrote this I loved it, but honestly, I still like the older Fallouts better, and this one shows a sort of "simplification" in story that is disappointing while over focusing on comunity resource management which I did not enjoy.

Destiny A+++
I wasn't even fractionally invested in Destiny when I wrote the review as I am now

Killzone: Shadow Fall B+
Still brings back fun memories, wish the game had more staying power for the long haul

Call of Duty: Ghosts C-
Looks even worse thanks to Advance Warfare shining so brightly.
Plus some initial Wolfenstein thoughts negated by my later suddenly getting it.

Resident Evil: Revelations A+
A solid and very much proper addition to the franchise.

Star Trek the PC Game C+
Not bad if you set your expectations to "stun."

Diablo III B+
I shall now ostracize myself from the PC elite by saying I liked it better than Torchlight II.

Resident Evil 6: The Jake Muller Campaign A-
Not as bad as you would think from some reviews (albeit on easy mode).

Resident Evil 6: The Ada Wong Campaign A-
Ada at her enigmatic finest.

Resident Evil 6: The Chris Redfield Campaign B+
Better than I was led to believe, but still not quite RE

Resident Evil 6: The Leon Kennedy Campaign C-
It's Resident Evil down the video game rabbit hole. Don't play it on hard mode.

Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC version, single player campaign) A 
It was fun, bug-free (for me), and I still enjoyed it, not going to join the pitchfork-wielding peasants on this one....but to this day multiplayer is a mess

Mini Reviews: Saints Row The Third, Serious Sam 3 BFE and Gotham City Imposters
All of which I am now done with and barely remember

Rage (PC version) C-
Should have been better

Spec Ops: The Line A+++
My contender for best game of 2012

Mass Effect 3 A+++
My other contender for best title of 2012. Note that I am firmly in the "ending was good" camp

Resident Evil - The Original Video Game A+
The series that made survival horror a thing on the map

Resident Evil 4 A-
A decent reboot for the video game franchise, but a bit heavy on the action and escort questing

Resident Evil 5 C+
Awesome action game but poor example of how to do survival horror Resident Evil style

Dead Space A+
The best modern survival horror game on current generation consoles out there and one of the few I like to periodically replay

Silent Hill (original game) A+++
The creepiest and most disturbing of the classic era survival horror games

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