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I've posted a fair amount of Pathfinder-friendly content on the blog over the last couple years, but it's scattered all over. Likewise, some material might be useful for Pathfinder if not specifically geared for it. What follows is a summary of all Pathfinder-specific information available on the Realms of Chirak blog (and to be updated as more appears):

Grom the Enlightened

An NPC awakened gorilla for your games.

Dingle's Games

A link and discussion of this great resource site (pay to access) and some stat blocks of a a grave knight fighter generated therefrom.

Valgos, Slayer of Elves

An orcish villain for low level Pathfinder games

Random World Generation

A crazy random world generator I worked up for with Pathfinder specifically in mind.

Kharabys, City of Relics

A planar realm for Pathfinder adventuring in the Astral Realms

Drunos and Druuna: Twin Kytons

Two NPCs for the Kharabys setting

Personalities of Port Draemen

NPCs and adventure ideas in one of the ports of the Kharabys setting

Personalities of Kharabys

More NPCs for use in the Kharabys setting

The Warlords of Lingusia Index

Most of the Warlords of Lingusia content was written specifically for Pathfinder, but frankly its a big potpourri right now, as I bounced around in Lingusia, using C&C, Pathfinder and 4E for several years. Notable pieces with Pathfinder-specific content include:

Orcs of Lingusia

Orcs in Lingusia get the Pathfinder treatment.

Senempar, City of shadows

The mysterious bastion city of the Slithotendan Mountains in the Warlords Era

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