BRP/Legend/Runequest/Magic World Index

At long last here is a list of site links to BRP/RQ/Legend related content on my blog:

Sarvaelen Index:

Main Index
This world was built to accomodate BRP and Legend (and MW) from the ground up.


 Comparing the BRP Family of Games
A concise overview of my perspective on the various D100-powered games

Open Quest 2 Review
A review of D101's cool easy-to-use Runequest inspired variant system

Review: Monsters of Legend II
A great monster book.

Monster Island - An Overview
A look at the contents of this amazing book.

Magic World vs. Runequest 6 Take One
A comparison of the two.

A Walk Through Character Generation in Magic World
Looking at the differences in char gen from BRP.

Advanced Sorcery
An overview of this great book.

Rolling a Sorcerer
Continuing an overview of MW chargen.

In Defense of Magic World
A rebuttal to Tenkar Tavern's negative take on MW.

Resources for Legend:

Doppelgangers of Legend
shapeshifters for your Legend games.

Quick and Dirty Dungeons in Legend
Some fast dungeon design ideas and a full scenario: The Temple of the Shambling Dark.

Order of the Hexblades
A mystical order for Legend PCs to join.

Choronzon Demons
A demonic villain for Legend.

Hydras in Legend
At last multi-headded monsters in a system that seems to hate them due to the way they break the action economy!

for BRP and Legend:

Temple of the Whispering Dark
A full scenario in the dark sorcery world of Sarvaelen.

Tales of the Watchers of the Sullen Vigil
The revised introduction to the dark and horrific fantasy world of Sarvaelen.

The Naga
A serpentine race in Sarvaelen.

Runequest 6 and Legend:

Vengeance of the Necromancer
A scenario from Realms of Chirak in unconverted RQ format.

For BRP:

Anton Dainasaire, Demon Hunter
a BRP statted NPC for Sarvaelen.

For BRP and Magic World:

The Witch of Galitath
A distinct NPC in my developing Pergerron campaign for MW.

The Primordial Spheres in Magic World
Some potent artifacts for MW in the world of Pergerron.

Gear Maidens
Hideous clockwork women from a forgotten civilization in MW.

Lizardmen in Magic World
Set in Sarvaelen but useful anywhere.

Magic World After Action Report #1
A summary of a MW session in action.

Magic World After Action Report #2
Follow-up to the ongoing campaign (I should have done more of these!)

How to Make Enemies of a Major Local Wizard
Magic world After Action Report #???

Magic World Meets Dark Ages Cthulhu
After action report in which I mix a bit of DA:C with MW

Basic Role Playing Only:

BRP Mecha
An overview/review of the book.

BRP Supers 1861 Comet Universe
A campaign idea inspired by Farmer's Wold-Newton Universe.

2221 After the Nemesis Cataclysm
A BRP post-apcalyptic sci fi setting.

Characters in 2221 After the Nemesis Cataclysm
Chargen rules for BRP in the post-apoc setting.

2221 - Background for Survivors
More BRP support for this post-apoc setting.

2221 - Spacer Backgrounds
Still more post apoc goodness!

2221 - Tech Levels
The science and tech of the 2221 post-apoc world.

2221- Weaponry of the Solar Collective
Big Guns!

2221 - Flora and Fauna of New Earth
Monster ideas for the post-apocalypse!

2221 - Plots and Locations
Story ideas for post-apoc Earth.

2221 - Spacer Campaigns
Life in the space during 2221.

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